A perfect day!

It was a perfect day!

The weather was just perfect. Crystal clear and mild temperatures. As I approached Venice Beach some hashers started showing up and we made it a dash to the pier. It was emotional, it was fun, and it was memorable!

It is not easy to explain the feelings one goes through near and at the end of such an event. It would require a lot of explanation and background to express what was going on.

Eden brought us three bottles of champagne and beers. She also brought me a very special gift: A straightjacket! That was sure to draw some laughs at the bar later on.

We had a really nice time and proceeded to visit some bars in the neighborhood.

My friends and hashers put some money together and they paid for my first tattoo!

1 thought on “A perfect day!

  1. Anastasia

    What a beautiful way to end such an incredible journey. I love the picture at the top of this post; it expresses so well the emotions you must have been feeling, all the thousands of hours of quite literal blood, sweat and tears you endured for 4 months after starting on the eastern side of this continent at the Atlantic Ocean in Miami and finally reaching your goal of the Pacific Ocean in LA.

    I am so proud of you, my friend.

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