My name is Milton Miller, a traveller, adventurer, and avid motorcycle enthusiast.

I created this blog to talk about the challenge of a lifetime: Running from Miami to Los Angeles, which I did in 2010/2011. Now its purposes also include talking about another great challenge: Running back from Los Angeles to Miami in 2014. Sounds crazy, right? I get that a lot. But I live by a guiding principle: If you don’t set yourself extremely ambitious goals, nothing great will ever be accomplished.

Have a look around the website. Leave a comment on the blog, feel welcome to participate. Contact me if you’ve got something to say, and check back often. I also have a page on FaceBook where I post very often.

Thanks for your support.

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  1. Vee Lanverton

    Not just another drop in the ocean Milton..! you are both inspired and inspiring, now own it brother.. for everyone’s sake

  2. Tracy Hicks

    I’m really proud of you, Milton. I knew you would complete this goal where most wouldn’t dare to dream so big. I knew you could do this because you love a challenge as much as you love the adventure. Best wishes and sending you a big hug too. 🙂


  3. Cris Moffitt

    Kick ass Milton! Mike Vines told me about your blog and I’m super impressed buddy. Way to go and I wish you safety and prosperity in your journey!

  4. Fernando Vieira

    Grande Milton faz um bom tempo que nao visitava seu site pessoal,me surpriendi com seu novo site com seu mais novo seu desafio!voce é tao doido quanto eu!!hehehe
    Go!go!you get there! 🙂

    Um forte abraço!!

    Fernando Vieira
    (leitor dos seus Books)
    (IMIGRAR member)

  5. Mark Donohue

    Hey bro,

    I was playing tennis yesterday with the tennis professional at the place I was staying at and during our many breaks, we talked about a variety of stuff. We started talking about bucket lists and ouyt of the blue, he mentioned that he had found out about a guy who was running across America……something about “100 days of something”….What a coincidence?. Also a coincidence since two minutes before this, I told him some of the items on my bucket list and I also told him of my friend’s bucket list item….to save an innocent life and to ride a big wave…..Freaky, huh….and very, very nice, I smiled about it all day. Anyway, you are world famous.

    Enjoy the day, my friend.


  6. Dan Blasingame

    That is too awesome!!!!!
    I almost did this myself about two years ago. I’m bummed that I only dicovered this on April 25th! Great job!

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