Adrian Perez, in El Paso TX

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Adrian is an unusual kind of guy. More than helpful, more than hospitable, more than friendly. This guy is a great friend.

He helped me so much during this visit to El Paso! Drove me around, hosted me, introduced me to the hashers and made sure that I was well in every way during my visit to El Paso.

I have been meeting some amazing people along the way, and Adrian was outstanding both as a friend and as a host. I will be looking forward to meet him again in the future!

2 thoughts on “Adrian Perez, in El Paso TX

  1. Adrian Perez (Moose)

    Thanks Milton, it was a priviledge and an honor to host you and share good times during your stay in El Paso. =O) so glad we were able to party together with the hash and anywhere else we decided. Lol. Take care brother.

    Adrian Perez
    (Moose Knuckle)

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