Alain Ducante and Luke’s Locker

This is our friend Alain Ducante. He coaches new runners and I had the privilege of attending one of his training sessions. Not just he loves running but he is also a very generous guy and he donated brand new running shoes to yours truly.

The entire staff at Luke’s Locker was very helpful and the store manager, Sarah Balboa, had her patience tested as I tried many different shoes until I found something that was just perfect. Thank you guys for the friendly and attentive service!

6 thoughts on “Alain Ducante and Luke’s Locker

  1. Jacob

    Congrats on the new shoes! I was wondering how long the old ones would hold up… by the way, why don’t you post a pic of the new rocketshoes?!

    1. Milton Miller Post author

      I posted a picture on the gallery. You can see it clicking the photo gallery link on the right side of this page.

  2. Björn Suneson


    You must have lost a lot of pounds. You now look more like a runner. Do you also feel that it is easer to run?

    I have been running twice coast to coast (solo 2007 and 2010) but my weight was exactley the same all the time. Perhaps too many hamburgers for me . . .

    Good work and keep on running!

    /Björn, Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Milton Miller Post author

      Dear Björn,

      Yes I lost some 45-50 lbs at this point. In fact it feels easier now. Still have some 20lbs to go but I am also eating more and taking more proteins, trying to slow it down. I want to lose all the extra weight but very slowly.

      Yes I am aware of your runs but I think they were very different than mine in nature. You have been an athlete for a long time and a fabulous runner. You didn’t lose much (or any) weight on your runs because there wasn’t any there to lose. You began in great shape and ended in the same shape. But in my case I started still very overweight and clearly not an athlete yet. I am still going through the transformation.

      Keep in touch, it means a lot to me. I am also looking forward to run in Europe this Summer and Stockholm will certainly be one of the places I will visit. It would be a great honor to run/drink a few miles with you.


  3. Sarah

    Hi Milton!!

    Nice to meet you last night. What you’re doing is amazing, and I’m glad you are so open to share your story and mission with our staff and visitors.

    Just a note, Nick Waak is our Store Manager. You met Jenny Demarest, Assistant Mngr. I had the fortune of working with you, but I am the Shoe Dept. Mngr. Again, it was a pleasure.


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