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Get the book!

Everything you want to know about running across the USA, twice! If you want to do something amazing like this yourself, or if you are just curious and want to know all about it, this book is for you!

Hi, I´m Milton Miller and in December of 2010 I started my first run across the USA, from Miami to Los Angeles. Then, on January 1st of 2014, I started a second run, this time from Los Angeles to Miami. In this book I write about all the surprising, often amazing stories about what happened during these two great journeys.

The book everyone is asking about!

I get asked about it a lot! Yes, I wrote a book about this run and the first, done in 2011. It is available now! Click here to open the FREE eBook

You can also save it in your computer. Share with your friends! It’s free!

What this book is about:

  • What makes a couch potato any previous running experience suddenly get up and decide to run across the USA?
  • How do I pay for these adventures. What are the possibilities for someone who wants to do something similar.
  • How a drinking club (with a running problem) became my main support group.
  • Mistakes, miscalculations, and many things that didn’t go as planned.
  • What gear I used and solutions I found for many problems without having to fulfill any contract with a sponsor. I can write about what really works and what doesn’t.
  • How I chose my routes and how I planned for each part of the adventure.
  • All about camping in the wild, gear, techniques, and experiences.
  • How I can find peace and tranquility along the journey. How to keep my mind occupied.
  • The overall compassion of people I never met before and how, while hearing my story and about my journey they opened their homes and businesses to me.
  • The battles that happen inside one’s mind during such a long struggle: the doubts, disappointments, and what gave me strength to persevere.
  • How these runs changed me, the way I think, how I treat people, and how people treat me. What I used to believe before, and what I believe now.
  • Interesting statistics about performance, weight loss, and much more!

But there is more!

The free online book is PG-13, and only the printed book has an extra chapter called “Sex, drugs and violence”, so it is R-rated! imageGet ready for some crazy stuff!

  • Transcontinental runners don’t have groupies and yet a lot can happen over thousands of miles. I will tell it all! Out of respect for the privacy of people I interacted with, I may have to change some names, times or locations.
  • Guns, guns everywhere! You will be amazed about the gun talk, the cultural significance, the dangerous situations and the times when violence became very real during my journeys.
  • An honest conversation about drugs. From alcohol to weed and prescriptions. The runners that run high and the runners that get high after running. The near pitfalls and the astounding great stories.
  • The funny and the scary tales about encounters with apparently insane people or with homeless, white supremacists, indians, fugitives and other kind of people that you don’t see so much “in society”.
  • And finally, you may understand why I call it “madness”.

Thank you!


House Wrap

imageWho would ever tell, that the most versatile and one of the most important pieces of gear that I ever carried is a piece of house wrap!

About 8×4 feet, it is the same kind of wrapping material used to wrap houses for insulation purposes. It is called Tyvek and can be purchased at hardware stores at very low prices.

It is hard to list all the uses for it, but I will try here:

I use Tyvek to cover the ground before setting up camp. It protects the tent from dirt and protects the air mattress from thorns and sharp rocks. It also helps keep everything clearn and organized, and for a guy with moderate OCD like me, keeping the camp clean is a must.

imageI also use the same Tyvek, folded three or four times, to cover the ground when I want to lay down my backpack and gear, to rest, for nature call, or any other reason. That helps keep every piece of gear and clothing clean.

When I want to sit down on a rock, cold bench, or on the rocky ground, the Tyvek makes a good clean surface to sit on.

Tyvek is not very soft, and it feels a little brittle. At first I though that would be a downside but instead it is a great advantage because once you fold it, it “remember” the creases and you can fold it again in the same patterns effortlessly, even in strong winds. Try folding anyting in the wind, it is a frustrating experience, except Tyvek. It nearly folds itself!

It is very easy to clean and can be machine washed. I prefer to clean it with a rag because machine washing would make it soft, and then it wouldn’t fold as easy as it does now.

It doesn’t fray, and it doesn’t rip easily. It is also waterproof, and it helps isolate from the cold.

If the weater turns insane I can use the Tyvek to line the inside of the tent to isolate from the cold winds or rain.

Jumping fences can be a pain in the ass. Literally. Dangerous operation. But if you fold the Tyvek 3 times and lay it on the ground you can lay down and simply slide under the fence, and then pull the Tyvek with the gear to the other side. It is so easy it is a joke!

I keep it folded tight and hold it on the under side of my backpack with elastic cords. I can take it out and put it back without needing to take the backpack out. This way it also protects the bottom of the backpack if I put it own the ground for a moment. So even when I don’t even take it out and unfold, the pieve of Tyvek is there helping out.

Best camping gear ever created!

Second run across the USA

235 lbs
200 lbs

I am feeling ready! Excited with the progress in my training and still with a few more weeks to prepare. Dropped 35 lbs so far and will probably get rid of another 10 or so before the end of the year.


On January 1st 2014, 9am sharp, I will be starting the run from here: The end of Venice Beach Pier. Regardless of the weather or how hungover I may be from New Year’s Even celebration. I wish I will see many of my friends there running the first miles with me.


This run across the USA will start from Venice Beach Pier (Los Angeles) and end in South Beach (Miami) probably on April 10th. You can see updates, routes, videos, and news about it here at and also on my facebook page: I will be posting updates on twitter as well: #usa100run.