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Chris Kelly, in Malibu CA

I already knew Chris from couchsurfing at his place last year, and we also did a motorcycle ride in Massachusetts last summer. So we were in contact as I came to California and when I arrived to Los Angeles area I had a chance to stay at his new place in Malibu.

Chris is a very good friend. Someone I like and respect very much. Great to see him again.

Debbie Humbert, in Highland CA was built for people like Debbie! People that truly enjoy hosting, people that enjoy being generous and helping others. CS was built for those that can look at your soul right through your eyes, the windows to your true self. She has amazing energy, both spiritual and physical. She is like a tornado turning everything upside down as she passes through. She will dazzle you with her great attitude, her initiative, and her boundless enthusiasm. If you will surf with her, get ready for a wild ride (especially if she will drive you around). Debbie is enlightened, and I am a lucky guy because I keep finding amazing people like that!

Thanks to these USA crossers!

These people also crossed the USA on foot, or are doing it at the present moment. They gave me valuable information, support, and encouragement. I believe it is very important to acknowledge their participation. Many thanks to each one of them!

Björn Suneson

Björn has been talking to me via email and through his comments on the web site since I was still in Florida. His encouragement has been very important to me. He is now preparing for his third (yes, the third) USA crossing. I am looking forward to meet him during my visit to Europe this Summer.

Drew Miller

I met Drew on the road near Parker, AZ. He and his mother were super nice with me, we could spend a little time talking. The next day they even brought me a bag of ice while I was on the road! Drew is an inspiration to me and others.

Gary Hause

Gary has an impressive story! Many years on the road, plenty of experience! During the few minutes we spent together we gave me many ideas and valuable advice. I feel lucky that I have met him!

Jeff Grabosky

It was early evening some place East of Austin when I got an unexpected phone call from Jeff. He called to encourage me and to exchange some ideas. What a great moment! Talking to someone who is doing the same thing.

Well… not quite. Jeff is much more of a runner than I am. But watch me, dude! I will catch up.

John Wallace III

John is a supporter of all people dedicated to crossing the USA on foot, and his web site USA Crossers is one of the best references online about who is doing it currently and who has done it in the past.

His encouragement and networking has been very valuable to myself and many others.

Paul Staso

About a week before I started my travel Paul Staso contacted me via email and he gave me some very valuable advice. His web site was also very helpful. I remember particularly a week while I was still in Florida and had a sequence of very difficult days on the road and his encouragement was very welcome.

Skip Potts

Perhaps the most important advice of all: “Be flexible”, I got from Skip. A mutual friend introduced us and Skip gave me plenty of information and answered a bunch of questions.

Zoe Romano

Since we started exchanging messages about a month ago, Zoë has been a constant friend on the road. It’s funny that we are doing similar things about the same time, but in opposite directions. Zoë has been encouraging me, helping find places to stay, and being an overall super positive presence if not in person at least over the phone. In a sport without groupies, without cheerleaders, and without people around most of the time, what a difference it makes to be in constant contact with a fellow runner!

PS: I use the term “fellow runner” very loosely here. Zoë, Paul, Björn, Jeff, Drew… these people run much more, much faster, much better than I do. I have as much if not more enjoyment doing it, but in terms of athleticism they leave me in the dust. But keep watching… I will catch up you speed demons!

John, a biker on his way to Texas

When you are alone in the desert and asking yourself what the heck are you doing there, it really helps to see that you are not the only crazy dude out there. I met John in the middle of the most desolate and boring part of this trip: The desert between Vidal Junction and Twentynine Palms.

He is on his way to Dallas and then will go north from there. Nice to see cool people on the road. Wish John a great journey.

Kyle & Chris, in Vidal Junction CA

They have been on the road on and off for some two years. Of course the fact that they travel with three dogs calls a lot of attention, and a lot of sympathy as well. We spent some time talking and went our different ways, but this is a small world and we may cross paths again one day. What I know for sure is that it will be quite easy to recognize them.

Drew Miller, a cross-country runner

It was already late in the afternoon and I was looking for a place to camp when this van stopped by my side. It was Drew Miller and his mother driving the “mothership” which is his support vehicle. Besides having the greatest last name ever created, Drew is running for a great cause and he has a great attitude.

It was such a good moment to meet them, and I wish Drew great success in his run. You can check his blog at

Armine & Randy, in Vicksburg AZ

Leaving Vicksburg very early in the morning I asked these two gentlemen if they knew of any place where I could buy some ice. They said there wasn’t any place nearby, but they would give be a bag of ice. They also gave me plenty of bottled water. Two very nice folks that helped me and also told me some interesting stories about the mountains on the horizon.

Raoul, in Salome AZ

Raoul stopped his truck to ask if I needed some cold water. I just walked away from a farm where they just gave me cold water and half a papaya, which I was still enjoying. But my beer was warm so I asked if he had any ice. Raoul had a cooler in his truck full of ice. That was really nice! We talked for a little while and he went on his way. I had cool water and cool beer for the remainder of the trip to Salome, where I bought some more things.