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  1. Zorana Kojic

    Hi Milton,
    I’m a friend of Jasmine Betz. She was telling me about your awesome running adventure and I mentioned to her that something like the Plus3 Network would be right up your alley. If you go to: plus3network.com, you will find a website that allows you to choose charities and every time you log in and track how many miles you run, the website will donate money to the charity of your choice through its advertising money. Considering that you are running soooo much, this would be a great way to contribute to more. Best of luck in your journey!


  2. Jamie Knight

    Saw the news article and was glad you could meet up with the hashers in P.C. a fun group I have run with before. Would like to log at least 20 with you tomorrow as you pass through the area. Please let me know details and times of route, and i’ll meet up as well as bringing some goodies to eat and drink.


  3. Tom Jozwiak

    Awesome Progress Milton. I check into the website every few days to check your progress and snapshots of all the great people and places. I am trying to see if we can get some Nike support, maybe some new shoes, but logistics may be difficult.

    Again congratulations on making it as far as you have and on schedule, particularly with the weather over the last week or so. I will see you when you get closer to Los Angeles. All of us at ECYE truly thank you for the Herculean Effort!


  4. Bullhead

    Hey Milton,

    It looks like you are making grreat time! By your comments the rest in Cat Spring must have really done you some good. I believe it was the dried sausage that made you feel good. 🙂 It was really a pleasure meeting you and listening to your stories. Rainy & I enjoyed the both of you and ya’ll are welcome any time! The kids at school ask about you all of the time and I keep them updated on your progress. The kids, teachers & myself enjoyed your visit very much. Everyone at Brazos Elementary would like to say Thank You again for taking the time to stop by for a visit!! You ARE a great inspiration!

    Thanks again,

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