FAQFrequently Answered Questions

Interacting with thousands of people before and during a run across the country, I have noticed that many questions are common and relevant so I made an [incomplete] list of my frequently answered questions. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it helps in one way or another.

Running across the country? Like Forrest Gump?

No, my journey was not inspired or designed after the character of the movie. The truth is that I just felt like running.

How many miles you run every day?

During the run I should be keeping a 30 mile a day average. I believe this average will get even better after Austin, which is about half way, to a goal of 40 miles a day by the time I approach Miami. If those numbers will be reality or if I am delusional, time will tell. 🙂

How many hours a day do you run?

A total of about 10. Keep in mind that I use the term “run” very liberally. Some days I feel stronger and run most of it and walk some. Other days are very difficult and I end up walking more than running. Also, I don’t run continuously, I do it in cycles: Moving for about an hour, relaxing and stretching for about 15 minutes. During the moving hour I run about a mile and walk about a quarter mile, then repeat. So it is not one 10-hour-long run, it is a few dozen jogs a day.

Where do you sleep?

Most nights I will be camping. Because often a day’s run ends up away from any city, it is easier to just get in the wild and set up camp. When I finish a run in a city then there is usually someone to pick me up and host me or I will use a motel. I estimate that I will be camping about 75 nights during this run.

How do you bring your camping gear?

I will be traveling with a very compact backpack and have ultralight camping gear.

Where do you eat?

I believe in eating good quality food, so as much as possible I will stop at good restaurant, organic food places, farmer markets… but in many places, especially during the first half of the run, there is really nothing much to choose from. Some town only have one MacDonals or some other junk food and gas stations. I will improvise the best I can.

Because I am traveling so light with just a small backpack I won’t be able to carry much food, sometimes just enough for the next couple of snacks, so some days will be leaner than others. That is fine, I can handle that well.

What do you like to eat?

I don’t like to carb load heavily so I still avoid sugars and pasta. I prefer to eat bananas and certain fruits. I eat lots of meat, take protein shakes as often as possible,and I don’t pass a Subway or Hooters without stopping for a meal.

No sodas, no cakes, no juices, and I avoid fried food when possible.

Do you have a favorite recipe?

Yes. When I have a chance I like to put some ground beef on a pan with butter. I dice onions, slice tomatoes and a scary amount of garlic, and mix everything. Add sliced mushrooms too if there are some around. When the meat starts turning brown and releasing all the juices I add a can of beans (black, or preferably red beans) after draining the water from the can. Mix it all and let it cook just enough so that the meat is not raw. Season with salt, pepper, herbs, and either chili powder or curry. Some days instead of been I use plenty of spinach. Serve with a side of sauerkraut or green beans.

Do you drink any alcohol?

Yes. I drink beer sometimes, red wines every now and then. But during the run I keep the quantity of both very low.

Are you running for charity or some cause?

I am not connected with any charity at the moment, but I guess you can say that I run for a cause: I want to set an example for everyone, that you can get your ass out of the couch and move. That you can be happier and more adventurous and that there is an amazing world out there full of incredible people. And I like to show that by example.

Are you taking donations?

If you want to give me money I will never refuse it. It will help support my adventures and projects.

How many shoes will you need for the run?

About 6 pairs of shoes. I am starting in Los Angeles with brand new ones and I am shipping more to Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, New Orleans, and Panama City.

What shoes do you use?

At the moment my favorites are the New Balance M1400 v2

Isn’t it bad for your knees? How come you don’t get hurt?

Running is not bad for the knees. Being overweight is bad for the knees. Sitting in a chair for 10+ hours a day is bad for everything. Read “Born to Run” to learn more about it.

Are you crazy?

That depends on your point of view.

How can we help?

If you are a runner, come run along with me.

If you live along the route, please consider hosting me. Sometimes people also pick me up from the road and the next day bring me back to the same point so I can continue from there. That allows staying in town for more than one night at the same place.

People often meet me on the road and bring me water, fruits, food, energy bars, money, beer, etc.

How can you have time for that? Don’t you have a job?

No. I own my own business and have the opportunity to travel and follow my dreams full time. That didn’t come to be overnight: I worked a lot for many years and I still work. I just don’t need to go to an office.

Are you stupid?

Stupid is as stupid does.