Guerrilla Camping

Disclaimer: If you use any information from this article to do guerrilla camping, and you end up lost, hurt, robbed, raped, run over, fined or imprisoned, it’s your own damn fault! This info is here for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as recommendations on how to choose a camp site. Always obey all laws and regulations, and respect private property.

Having said that… Here is how to camp anywhere you please:

Safety basics

Your safety depends on nobody knowing where you are. Don’t post your exact precise updated location on the Internet in the open. Don’t ask permission to anyone. Make sure your location is not nearby houses or businesses. Listen carefully for dogs in the area while scouting a location. Don’t turn any lights on your camp. Cover yourself with the sleeping bag while using your phone or computer.

Mountain lions, coyotes, bears, wild pigs, poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions, and drunk rednecks. All these are creatures you don’t want any contact with. Have some protection. No, I am not talking about condoms!

Practice Invisibility

You want to be visible while on the road, but the moment you step out you want to be invisible. Stealthy Ninja! Take off reflecting vests, put on black or dark green clothes.

No tents in bright colors! No reflective devices on the tent or on the stroller. Buy dark colors or spray paint it.

Look for a location that is hidden from the road and from houses. Trees, bushes, rocks, even just an inclination on the terrain may be enough. I used spray paint to make a camouflage pattern on the outer layer of my tent.

These are some places I camped on during my travels:

  • Casino parking lot, Biloxi MS
  • Edge of airport runway, Smithfield TX
  • Cemetery, Pensacola FL
  • Golf club, Llano TX
  • Orange grove, Lake Placid FL
  • Oil field, Braveland TX
  • Abandoned building, McCamey TX
  • Under a city’s welcome sign
  • Salt lake near El Paso
  • Mohave Wildlife Preserve

Remember the real meaning of signs:

Private property = Welcome!
No trespassing = Welcome!
Keep out = Welcome!
Beware of dog = Keep out!


I bring two tarps. In good weather they stay on the ground folded in half to provide cushioning against little rocks and thorns that could puncture the air mattress.

I use an ultra compact air mattress and I don’t inflate it too much. Feels better that way.


Better find camp during the last half hour before sunset. After sunset you still have about 30 minutes of good light to set up camp. In desolate areas leave any time but if there is any question about safety I would prefer to lift camp and leave while still dark.

So I set up camp, take a towel bath, eat, and get inside my sleeping bag in less than an hour.


Sometimes you can’t bring the stroller all the way to the camp site. Usually when there is a fence to jump. I just leave the stroller folded on a ditch, behind bushes, anywhere I can hide it.

I have a backpack on the stroller with all I need so I just have to take the backpack out. Very simple.


Draw a circle of piss around your camp to tell all other animals that this is your territory for the moment. 🙂

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  1. Jacob Gardner

    WOW! That is trully badass… I can only imagine what an adventure this must be for you, I can’t wait to hear (or read) all the stories!

  2. Anastasia

    Love the real meaning of the signs…LMAO!! You should’ve brought Lina with you, she could have been your badass watchdog…no wait, she wouldn’t have lasted more than half a mile before you’d be pushing all 100 pounds of her in your stroller!! 😉

  3. Matt Horwitz

    Damn man.. as Jacob said, this is totally bad ass! You writing style is awesome, informative, and very engaging. Hope to see you in CA!

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