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3 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Merrie Fox

    We have a running club that will be meeting at McGuires at
    6 tonight for a 5k and then beer afterwards. If Milton would like
    to have a few with us it would be great! McGuires is a great pub
    place and you sign a dollar bill and staple it to the wall. Many
    movie stars and politicians have thier picture and dollar bills on
    the wall. Just thought I would offer. Merrie Fox

    1. Milton Miller Post author

      Thank you! I will be there tonight. Jon Clark has been my contact in the area and he told me. I’m looking forward to see you there.

  2. Jacob

    GOOOO MILTON!!! As you take your last steps in Florida,
    know that everyone here is cheering you on! We think of you, and
    wish you well everyday more and more. Keep it up, and look forward
    to that special jacket you asked for, it’s waiting for you at the
    finish line!

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