Date # Destination Feeling Miles Total
4/29 117 Venice Beach, CA Great 15.2 2832.8
This couldn’t be any better! Surrounded by friends, perfect weather, doing the last few miles of my run. I had a fantastic time and the celebration was epic!
4/28 116 Los Angeles, CA Good 13.3 2817.6
The final part of getting to Los Angeles! Jacob went along with me again for a few miles. Big party at the end of the day!
4/27 115 El Monte, CA Great 19.5 2804.3
What a glorious day! Was in the company of my friend Jacob and we had a chat fest from Claremont to El Monte today.
4/26 114 Claremont, CA Good 15.9 2784.8
Feeling good, this area is all urban, just really a sequence of shopping malls and residential areas.
4/25 113 Fontana, CA Good 13.1 2768.9
Still recovering from the last two days, took it easy today and feeling good overall. Looking forward to see Los Angeles on the horizon tomorrow!
4/24 112 Highland, CA Good 33.1 2755.8
Feeling tired from yesterday’s run, but excited about getting into urban area.
4/23 111 Banning, CA Great 27.2 2722.7
One of the hardest, most challenging, and most beautiful runs so far! Made it great. Probably also the last night camping.
4/22 110 Morongo Valley, CA Good 23.9 2695.5
Feeling anxious to go around these mountains that I see covering the horizon. Feels good to be so close to the end of it.
4/21 109 Joshua Tree, CA Good 26.9 2671.6
The elevation keeps temperature moderate and it was an easy day with time to have lunch and get online in town.
4/20 108 Twentynine Palms, CA Good 29.2 2644.7
Several people stopped to give me water. Weather was cool as the elevation was high. Got tired but happy.
4/19 107 Sheephole Valley, CA Good 29.9 2615.5
Running out of water and had two flat tires, but managing it well. Great views in this desert.
4/18 106 Vidal, CA Good 28.1 2585.6
Ready to face the 3 days of nothing ahead of me before reaching Twentynine Palms. It will be boring but it will be the last boring part of the trip.
4/17 105 Earp, CA Great 20.1 2557.5
With all the gear clean and checked, myself clean too, a glorious full moon, I made it into California! Feeling deeply happy and looking forward to the last part of the trip!
4/16 104 Bouse, AZ Good 27.3 2537.4
What a nice run. Certainly I had too many beers, but it was painless I can tell…
4/15 103 Vicksburg, AZ Good 26.8 2510.1
Met great people, resupplied in town, it was a really good day. A bit hot and the weekend will be hotter, but it was ok.
4/14 102 Salome, AZ Good 28 2483.3
Cold day, easy road. Made a mistake of not resupplying yesterday so ran out of food today. Thankfully the city is not far ahead.
4/13 101 Tonopah, AZ Good 22.2 2455.3
Had a great day, meeting very cool people.
4/12 100 Buckeye, AZ Good 21.1 2433.1
After 3 great days in Phoenix I’m back in the desert, working to reach California!
4/11 99 Tolleson, AZ Good 19.8 2412.0
Had a late start but still made good progress, getting out of Phoenix proper and getting ready to face the desert again. Tomorrow I will be back into the wild.
4/10 98 Phoenix, AZ Good 14.1 2392.2
This was an easy day, actually a half-run. Relaxing and meeting friends.
4/9 97 Mesa, AZ Good 24.4 2378.1
Very challenging morning with very cold rain, followed by very pleasant afternoon running with Theresa Farley from Apache Junction to Mesa. What a difference it makes to have someone to talk to!
4/8 96 Queen Valley, AZ Good 27.7 2353.7
Cooler weather and lots of downhills.
4/7 95 Miami, AZ Great 32 2326.0
What a gorgeous day! Sunny and cool. Mountains and great views. All really nice!
4/6 94 San Carlos, AZ Good 29.5 2294.0
Got so busy on phone calls, business messages and emails that nearly didn’t notice the passage of time and miles. Great weather and glorious sunset.
4/5 93 Safford, AZ Great 31.9 2264.5
Beautiful day in the desert, temperature was great.
4/4 92 Duncan, AZ Great 30.9 2232.6
Very happy to be in Arizona. Have to admit however that I had too many beers and went to sleep with a headache.
4/3 91 Virden, NM Good 19 2201.7
Very windy day. Feeling good about getting to Arizona tomorrow.
4/2 90 Lordsburg, NM Good 26.6 2182.7
Very dry conditions made the end of the run very difficult. The warm water gives a terrible cotton mouth feeling, but finally made it.
4/1 89 Silver City, NM Good 21 2156.1
Flat tires and hard desert dirt road made this a challenging day.
3/31 88 Deming, NM Good 28.2 2135.1
Having some problems with blisters again, but still had a good day.
3/30 87 Akela Flats, NM Great 17.5 2106.9
The most challenging day so far! Spent quite some time fixing Wilson then along dirt roads, dirt trails, cattle trails, and plain desert. Blisters, thorns, and scratches. Soft sands where I had to put the backpack on and pull Wilson. Jumping fences, border patrol checkpoint. Nothing stopped me!
3/29 86 Fairacres, NM Good 25.5 2089.4
Great weather. Some troubles with directions from Google Maps but found a new way to keep going.
3/28 85 La Mesa, NM Good 28.5 2063.9
Good weather and well recovered after 4 days partying in El Paso. Happy to be back on the road.
3/27 Off
3/26 84 El Paso (West), TX Good 20.7 2035.4
Had a great time with hashers just going through the city, now recovered from the pains and fatigue of desert crossings, but basically hangover all the time…
3/25 Off
3/24 83 El Paso, TX Good 21.8 2014.7
Some hills after the Border Patrol checkpoint but after that it was an easy downhill into the city.
3/23 82 El Paso (East), TX Good 30.6 1992.9
Same as yesterday.
3/22 81 Cornudas, TX Good 26.8 1962.3
The road nearly a straight line and mostly flat all the way just demand discipline and consistency. Took several breaks as I’m still sore from yesterday’s climb.
3/21 80 Salt Flat, TX Great 28.3 1935.5
Challenging morning! Climbed to 6000 ft elevation to cross the Guadalupe Pass, all day against strong winds. At the same time met several people at the ranger station and ended with great mileage!
3/20 79 Culberson, TX Good 29 1907.2
Another hot day but breezy. Good progress.
3/19 78 Van Horn Rural Texas, TX Great 30 1878.2
Met friends on the road, the wind was cooling down most of the day, and made great mileage!
3/18 77 Mentone, TX Great 27.1 1848.2
What a great experience meeting some of the nicest people in the desert! That makes it easier to keep going.
3/17 76 Pecos, TX Good 14.6 1821.1
Took it easy from my campsite into town. Had an opportunity for some shopping, getting new shoes, and recovering with a half-day off.
3/16 75 Pecos (East), TX Blah 26.4 1806.5
Very arduous day with temperatures reaching 96F, lots of flies, little to no wind to cool off.
3/15 74 Imperial (West), TX Great 27.1 1780.1
Had some beers during the afternoon and a good performance. Tried the huaraches and so far I liked them.
3/14 73 Imperial (East), TX Good 22.6 1753.0
My shoes are falling apart again. Need to solve this problem urgently.
3/13 72 McCamey, TX Blah 25.3 1730.4
Made it an easy day enjoying the cool breeze to alleviate the hot dry desert conditions. Then mid-afternoon the wind turned against me, ate too much, felt bloated and depressed.
3/12 71 Iraan, TX Great 20.6 1705.1
Once I got in this little town had a chance to check, fix, and clean all my gear. Got laundry done and had a great hot meal. Made friends, talked to locals, and left the city feeling awesome!
3/11 70 Iraan (East), TX Good 27.6 1684.5
Made good progress learning how it is to travel on foot in such dry environment.
3/10 69 East Crockett, TX Good 25 1656.9
Haven’t been running much, but made good mileage and handling the desert well.
3/9 68 Eldorado (West), TX Good 23.4 1631.9
The morning was miserable, with lots of pain, shoes falling apart, bad feeling. After buying new shoes, re-supplying, and resting while eating a substantial Mexican meal, I felt very well again and made a good mileage.
3/8 67 Eldorado (East), TX Blah 22.4 1608.5
Feeling fatigue accumulating, some pain during the day. Decided to stop early and rest.
3/7 66 Menard (West), TX Good 27 1586.1
It was warm and boring but a stop by a cool river was very relaxing and improved the day.
3/6 65 Menard, TX Good 30.4 1559.1
Trying new shoes, did well so far with no blisters.
3/5 Off
3/4 64 Mason, TX Good 29.5 1528.7
Had a great day, had lunch and beers with the folks in Castell, and still made it to near Mason before sunset.
3/3 63 Llano, TX Good 28.3 1499.2
What started as a normal day turned into a major test as I ran out of water with still some 10 miles to the next city. Made it to a farm where I got some water and then to a bar in Llano where I downed 4 Lone Stars to recover, and to celebrate.
3/2 62 Horseshoe Bay, TX Good 27.7 1470.9
Legs still feeling the heaviness of so many hills, but I am holding it well and the workout is welcome. Very hot day!
3/1 61 West Cypress Hills, TX Good 21.9 1443.2
Very hilly area, legs took a good workout this time! Great weather.
2/28 60 Austin, TX Good 17.6 1421.3
Had a half-day run but it was ok and if feels good to move forward.
2/27 Off
2/26 59 Garfield, TX Good 23.3 1403.7
It was a good day, even if not as good as the two previous days. Made some good progress.
2/25 58 Smithville, TX Great 27.2 1380.4
Had one of my best days to date! I don’t think I ever caught myself smiling, laughing, or singing that often during the entire day.
2/24 57 Fayetteville, TX Great 29 1353.2
Finally back at being the best I can be. Recovered very well and had a great night of sleep and today I did great mileage in great time. Crossed the mid-way mark today!
2/23 Off
2/22 56 Sealy, TX Good 18 1324.2
After a good night of sleep I had a decent day where I could do a low mileage but at least not feeling miserable.
2/21 55 Brookshire, TX Blah 15.1 1306.2
What a difficult day! Feeling all the effects of sleep deprivation. Blisters still hurting a little too.
2/20 54 Cross Creek, TX Good 21.4 1291.1
Had a good day, a bit slow but fine. Experimented with stopping to rest at more regular intervals.
2/19 53 Aldine, TX Good 15 1269.7
Recovered partially from yesterday’s blisters, started late and had to end early, but still liked the performance during the time I had. It felt good.
2/18 52 Atascocita, TX Blah 23.4 1254.7
Warm weather and good road conditions, but used the wrong pair of shoes for the situation and end up with blisters and very tired. Will correct it tomorrow.
2/17 Off
2/16 Off
2/15 51 Liberty, TX Good 22 1231.3
The weather was perfect and I could log some good miles on the new shoes.
2/14 Off
2/13 Off
2/12 50 Nome, TX Good 21.5 1209.3
Made it an easy day, ending early and socializing along the way with some other veterans of the road.
2/11 49 Beaumont, TX Good 29.5 1187.8
What started as a lousy, slow, difficult day, gradually improved until by the end of the afternoon turned out to be a very decent mileage and good performance at the end.
2/10 48 Orange, TX Great 27.3 1158.3
Felt great, improved my average, and reached the state line. Great day!
2/9 47 Lake Charles, LA Blah 15.4 1131.0
Terrible weather, feeling lousy, it was so bad that it was a better deal to just stop it around noon at 15.4 miles and call it the day.
2/8 46 Iowa, LA Good 25.7 1115.6
Made good progress on an easy day.
2/7 45 Elton, LA Good 28.1 1089.9
Very cold day, still had a good experience and mileage was good.
2/6 44 Lawtell, LA Good 28.4 1061.8
Good weather and feeling good. Must push harder to go over 30 miles a day every day from now on!
2/5 43 Krotz Springs, LA Great 29.5 1033.4
Great weather today. Felt excellent, and ran harder than usual. Epic run along a 4 mile bridge!
2/4 42 Port Allen, LA Blah 13.8 1003.9
Dealing with the roads, traffic, and rain, made this run very difficult. Also couldn’t start until 11am.
2/3 Off
2/2 41 Baton Rouge, LA Good 26.2 990.1
Had a late start, again dealing with flat tires, and Baton Rouge is not an easy city to cruise with it’s fast traffic and no sidewalks, but still made a good time and met a lot of new friends!
2/1 40 Gonzales, LA Good 26.8 963.9
Crossed some very heavy rains on the way, but still made a good mileage. Overall a good day.
1/31 39 Laplace, LA Blah 15 937.1
Started very late in the morning and had to deal with flat tires, twice!
1/30 38 New Sarpy, LA Blah 21.3 922.1
Two days off solved some problems, like pains that were accumulating, but created others, like feeling really lousy and heavy the first 5 miles or so. Then it got a little better but it started raining really hard and by the end of the afternoon the situation was really not great. Low mileage for the day.
1/29 Off
1/28 Off
1/27 37 New Orleans, LA Great 20.2 900.8
Wonderful day! Ran very well most of the day to end up in New Orleans and celebrate this part of the trip. The pace was much faster than usual at the end. Feeling awesome!
1/26 36 Fort Macomb, LA Good 27.5 880.6
Started early and had an easy day. Feeling that I need a day off soon.
1/25 35 Waveland, MS Good 21 853.1
I was very careful in the morning but gradually felt my leg back to normal and feel recovered.
1/24 34 Long Beach, MS Blah 19 832.1
Stopped early due to pain on right leg and bad weather approaching. Will take it easy and restart tomorrow.
1/23 33 Biloxi, MS Good 26.3 813.1
Again felt heavy and it was difficult to keep a consistent pace. But in the other hand I never felt the miles go by so easily. It really felt like I was on the run for minutes rather than hours. Weird thing!
1/22 32 Kreole, MS Great 27.3 786.8
Fantastic day! Ran harder than ever, met friends along the way, crossed another state line. Everything was perfect.
1/21 31 Alabama Port, AL Good 20.2 759.5
Had to wait in Fort Morgan for a few hours until the ferry service restarted in the afternoon, but was still able to make more than 20 miles.
1/20 30 Fort Morgan, AL Good 26.2 739.3
Again feeling that same heaviness from yesterday but didn’t have too much trouble making it to a Marathon distance. The Alabama shore is beautiful and the day was nice overall. Very happy to be here.
1/19 29 Perdido Key, FL Good 27.7 713.1
Started the day late and feeling heavy, difficult to run and was walking all of it. Towards the middle of the afternoon it got gradually better and at the end ran some 6 or 7 miles pretty well. Stopped just 4 miles shy of the state line!
1/18 28 Gulf Breeze, FL Great 32.2 685.4
Started earlier than usual and pushed harder than usual and the result was a very solid, very well done, 32.2 miles before 5pm! I am very happy with that result.
1/17 Off
1/16 27 Ft Walton Beach, FL Great 30 653.2
Best day so far! Talked to many people and ran with 4 friends for several miles. We stopped at Hooters and some other bars to “refuel” and we kept going. Lots of fun!
1/15 26 Seaside, FL Good 22.4 623.2
Had a late start but it was great to interact with a lot of people along the way, and the area is beautiful!
1/14 25 Panama City, FL Great 27.7 600.8
Ran today giving interview to two TV stations, had a great time, run hard, made a good mileage. What a great day!
1/13 24 Tyndal Airforce Base (Panama City), FL Blah 23.2 573.1
Feeling tired from last days just tried to keep moving without getting hurt.
1/12 23 Port St Joe, FL Good 31.6 549.9
End up being an extra long segment but managed to do it well. Happy with the result.
1/11 22 Eastpoint, FL Good 30 518.3
Still a little sore from two days ago but felt good enough. Should increase distance from now on.
1/10 21 Ochlokonee Bay, FL Good 25.7 488.3
Started under some rain and tired from playing ping pong last night, but took it easy and just walked it. Felt good overall.
1/9 20 Newport, FL Great 23.2 462.6
It was excellent to run one day without the stroller. Felt excellent and even though it was a shorter day the progress was really good.
1/8 19 Ecofina, FL Great 28.8 439.4
Started with a flat tire and head winds, but after fixing the tire I felt so great that the day end up very productive and feelings were great.
1/7 18 Perry, FL Good 27.7 410.6
Started early and felt good all the way.
1/6 17 Cross City, FL Blah 20.7 382.9
Woke up late after rainy night, had wind against all day, one flat tire, and felt sluggish.
1/5 16 Chiefland, FL Blah 23.4 362.2
Had a late start but was doing well, but strong rain slowed me down and had to stop in the city for a while.
1/4 Off
1/3 15 Otter Creek, FL Great 26.5 338.8
Felt great again. Had a great time going through Goethe State Park.
1/2 14 Citrus Springs, FL Good 27.9 312.3
Good pace in a wonderful trail.
1/1 13 Nobleton, FL Great 19.4 284.4
Relaxing day, just nice walking through gorgeous trail. That’s how a day off should be!
12/31 12 Dade City, FL Great 29.4 265
Very well. Being able to improve my pace gradually.
12/30 11 Lakeland, FL Great 28.3 235.6
Excellent! Felt great, used the Vibrams for a while, had a great time.
12/29 Off
12/28 10 Lake Whales, FL Though 16.9 207.3
Really though day after sleeping very little because of the cold, then pushing the stroller with a flat tire most of the way. Will take next day off to recover from this mess.
12/27 9 Avon Park, FL Good 26.2 190.4
Very well. Had a flat tire on the stroller that made me lose time, but overall a good day.
12/26 8 Lake Placid, FL Good 20 164.2
Very cold night but pleasant day. Could mix running and walking at a good pace.
12/25 7 Palmdale, FL Blah 19.3 144.2
Went well. Couldn’t find any place to resupply.
12/24 6 Moore Haven, FL Good 21.7 124.9
Recovered from blisters, used running shoes. Great feeling. Began running again in small portions.
12/23 5 Clewiston, FL Good 18.8 103.2
Those blisters are finally under control. Could use the running shoes again today. Got free lunch at the Clewiston Inn.
12/22 4 South Bay, FL Blah 23.1 84.4
Long boring run in a straight line. At least the blisters are getting better.
12/21 3 still in The Everglades, FL Good 18.7 61.3
Still recovering from nasty blister. Adapted well to pushing stroller. It’s going well.
12/20 2 The Everglades, FL Blah 12.5 42.6
Slow, relaxed walk.
12/19 1 Weston, FL Great 30.1 30.1
Great first day! Blasted through the marathon distance for the first time. Great beautiful weather.

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  1. Jaime J Cuanalo

    Go Milton! I wish you the best. It’d be really nice to be able to see a graphic of your progress on a map. See you in California.

  2. Karl Betchner

    More than half way there now! Incredible progress, it’s great to see so many days going well for you lately. You’re an inspiration to those of us who are still dreaming of the coast to coast run. Keep up the good work.

  3. Linda Brookman

    Congratulations on completing the run! Eden, I met you last night in the Canal Club’s ladies room. You said your friend had just completed the run and he was getting a tattoo across the street. You have a very worthy cause. I like your website! I will contribute. Keep up the wonderful humanitarian work. If there is ever a need for dental care, I can help. Linda

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