Why do this?

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That is the question nearly everyone asks. Why do this?

Self discovery, challenge, self improvement… all those motivations are great, but they are not enough. If the goal was just self improvement I would run enough to improve myself (lose weight, feel better) and I would feel the goal has been achieved. To make a 2700 mile run across the country the motivation has to come from the outside.

I found that motivation on my dear Eden Orfanos. She is very strong. I am not talking about the strength of her body (which is not bad as she has been a marathon runner for many years), but I am talking about the strength of her heart. She chose to help those that cannot help themselves, she sacrifices for others, and she dedicates her life to serve and inspire others. She is the strongest person I know.

So when I am running and feeling pain, I can remember that she has run many marathons, and she felt much more pain than I ever experienced. When I am discouraged I remember talking to her when she has been sleeping in the cold or when we talked on the phone while she was in Africa, facing dangers, and fighting poverty and indifference, and I sometimes heard her cry. When I miss a shower while travelling or I am thirsty I remember that she spends weeks in villages where there is no running water, no roads, no phones, and very little hope. She is the hope.

So I will do this run to help her raise money for her organization, EdenInAfrica.org. I will do this run to help myself, by helping my friend.

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7 thoughts on “Why do this?

  1. Eden Orfanos

    Kudos to You Milton…
    I am beaming, so very proud to call You a friend.
    So happy to have shared travel, trails and tartar w/ You !
    Your “Why do this” made me cry, but You know this.
    In Good Spirit and Inspiration,
    Much Love, Eden

  2. Carlos

    Brother, your official starting time was 9:24 a.m. from South Beach. I believe this journey will bring a lot more surprises than you can imagine.
    Now that you’re out there, it’s time for the rest of us to do our part and make sure what you’re doing, and the reasons you’re doing it for do not go unnoticed!

  3. José Vicente

    Hi Milton,
    Now I know how you got inspired!!
    I wish you again all the strenght to accomplish. Her in the cold Amsterdam I send you a beam of stenght and hope to hear you found the treasure you are facing during your trip. The surprise will be bigger than you might think..

    Good luck but more good health ;))


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