Making it possible

I will leave Miami towards Los Angeles through a route that will avoid the Interstate Highways and cross the country at the shortest distances possible, while passing through New Orleans and Houston, and not coming too close to the Mexican border, so I will be passing North of El Paso. That is a 2700 mile route.

The plan is to run an average of 30 miles a day and when necessary take a day off or make a much shorter distance. I will focus on recovery, take ice baths nearly every day, have massages as often as possible, and monitor myself carefully for signs of building injuries.

During days off I should just leisurely walk about 10-15 miles to prevent my legs from seizing.

Heat is the runner’s enemy. Running generates tremendous internal heat and forces the body to work extra hard to keep the muscles cool. When outside temperatures rise, the stress on the body is multiplied. So I decided to run during Winter. Starting date is set for December 3rd.

Researchers from the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine performed statistical analysis to determine the effect of air temperature on running performance. The results showed a clear trend towards faster times under colder temperatures. According to that analysis the ideal temperature for running is just 41 degrees!