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Hooters of Phoenix AZ

What a nice evening! Met a record number of hashers at Hooters in Phoenix plus some friends from the running club. Nice talking to you all! I had a great time and it looks like I was not the only one.

Special thanks to Darin for organizing this event for me, inviting everyone, host me, and being so supportive!

Made it to El Paso TX!

Just as planned, I made it to El Paso, TX. But not as I could possibly plan, the hashers in El Paso gave me a heck of a good time already! We went to Hooters and drank all the beer in the world while I met some of the most fun and cool people ever.

Friendswood Girls Cross Country Team

In the afternoon we went to the highschool to meet with the Friendswood Girls Cross Country Team, coached by Celeste Romell. After a brief Q&A we ran a few loops on the track and most of the girls took their shoes off too. We talked a little more about running barefoot.

In the photo: Tori Clements, Kasey Miller, Mia Castillo, Maddie Landon, Sarah Martin, Megan Krail, Kayla Archer, Adri Bevon, Danielle Booker, Katie Pizzitola, Morgan Millsaps, and Cassie Lawson.

Westwood Elementary School

What a great experience! I found myself at Westwood Elementary School, talking in front of 750 kids early in the morning, running with them in the field, and answering their questions. Meeting with the teachers and interacting with the kids all day was a great thing to do!

In another moving demonstration of generosity and care, the kids collected money for a few days and put them all in a bucket with messages of encouragement to Eden for the work she does helping kids in Africa. It was a very emotional moment for us. The entire day was full of demonstrations of support and enthusiasm from everyone.

Alain Ducante and Luke’s Locker

This is our friend Alain Ducante. He coaches new runners and I had the privilege of attending one of his training sessions. Not just he loves running but he is also a very generous guy and he donated brand new running shoes to yours truly.

The entire staff at Luke’s Locker was very helpful and the store manager, Sarah Balboa, had her patience tested as I tried many different shoes until I found something that was just perfect. Thank you guys for the friendly and attentive service!

Party at Liberty Station

We had a great time at Liberty Station on Sunday afternoon. Several friends, old and new, showed up their support for EdenInAfrica.org and we could exchange some cool stories.
And oh man, was I hungry! I ate two major burgers and downed 3 or 4 beers during that time.