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Get the book!

Everything you want to know about running across the USA, twice! If you want to do something amazing like this yourself, or if you are just curious and want to know all about it, this book is for you!

Hi, I´m Milton Miller and in December of 2010 I started my first run across the USA, from Miami to Los Angeles. Then, on January 1st of 2014, I started a second run, this time from Los Angeles to Miami. In this book I write about all the surprising, often amazing stories about what happened during these two great journeys.

The book everyone is asking about!

I get asked about it a lot! Yes, I wrote a book about this run and the first, done in 2011. It is available now! Click here to open the FREE eBook

You can also save it in your computer. Share with your friends! It’s free!

What this book is about:

  • What makes a couch potato any previous running experience suddenly get up and decide to run across the USA?
  • How do I pay for these adventures. What are the possibilities for someone who wants to do something similar.
  • How a drinking club (with a running problem) became my main support group.
  • Mistakes, miscalculations, and many things that didn’t go as planned.
  • What gear I used and solutions I found for many problems without having to fulfill any contract with a sponsor. I can write about what really works and what doesn’t.
  • How I chose my routes and how I planned for each part of the adventure.
  • All about camping in the wild, gear, techniques, and experiences.
  • How I can find peace and tranquility along the journey. How to keep my mind occupied.
  • The overall compassion of people I never met before and how, while hearing my story and about my journey they opened their homes and businesses to me.
  • The battles that happen inside one’s mind during such a long struggle: the doubts, disappointments, and what gave me strength to persevere.
  • How these runs changed me, the way I think, how I treat people, and how people treat me. What I used to believe before, and what I believe now.
  • Interesting statistics about performance, weight loss, and much more!

But there is more!

The free online book is PG-13, and only the printed book has an extra chapter called “Sex, drugs and violence”, so it is R-rated! imageGet ready for some crazy stuff!

  • Transcontinental runners don’t have groupies and yet a lot can happen over thousands of miles. I will tell it all! Out of respect for the privacy of people I interacted with, I may have to change some names, times or locations.
  • Guns, guns everywhere! You will be amazed about the gun talk, the cultural significance, the dangerous situations and the times when violence became very real during my journeys.
  • An honest conversation about drugs. From alcohol to weed and prescriptions. The runners that run high and the runners that get high after running. The near pitfalls and the astounding great stories.
  • The funny and the scary tales about encounters with apparently insane people or with homeless, white supremacists, indians, fugitives and other kind of people that you don’t see so much “in society”.
  • And finally, you may understand why I call it “madness”.

Thank you!


Nobody cares how much you know…

…until they know how much you care.

That is the case with all kinds of service, from telephone companies to restaurants, from car washes to politics. Nobody cares how much you know about something until they feel you care about them.

One recent example I found in my massage therapist. From day one Anastasia proved not just to be friendly and accommodating, she also showed in many ways that she really wants to help and cares about your well being, as a client and as a friend.

She went out of her way to learn about my long distance running, to figure out what would be the the points more affected, the muscles that would require the most attention, the methods that would yield the most results. She took the time to run with me, to learn barefoot running herself, to figure out how to make her massage sessions much more effective than they would be otherwise.

That is a quality, a human quality, that we should bring to every aspect of our lives: Kindness. That is the one quality that will make you a better professional, a better friend, better at anything you put yourself into.


Anastasia has been stalking me… ughhhhnn… welll… hum ham… she has been following me online during these four months I have been on the road and her support, encouragement, and good humor have been fabulous.

I seem to have an amazing capacity to locate and connect to the best people, the most generous and loving ones, and they always become great friends. Here is one of those great beings!

A perfect day!

It was a perfect day!

The weather was just perfect. Crystal clear and mild temperatures. As I approached Venice Beach some hashers started showing up and we made it a dash to the pier. It was emotional, it was fun, and it was memorable!

It is not easy to explain the feelings one goes through near and at the end of such an event. It would require a lot of explanation and background to express what was going on.

Eden brought us three bottles of champagne and beers. She also brought me a very special gift: A straightjacket! That was sure to draw some laughs at the bar later on.

We had a really nice time and proceeded to visit some bars in the neighborhood.

My friends and hashers put some money together and they paid for my first tattoo!

Rachel, hasher in Los Angeles

Rachel has been in touch with me since about the time I left Florida! She called other hashers, posted many messages online, showed up at my events, bought me burgers and beers… what a great show of support!

Hashers, again, have been great to me. When I ran the last day I end up at the pier in Venice Beach surrounded by hashers and they quickly become friends.


Darin Klein, in Phoenix AZ

Another soldier. Another hasher. Now another great friend! Darin was very accommodating, helping me driving around the city, hosting me twice at his home, and being a super cool guy. He also participates in one of the hasher kennels in Phoenix and he was sure to introduce me to many of the other hashers.

He also has a great sense of humor and can take a joke like… well, like a hasher can take a joke! I teased him to no end about his Toyota Prius, a car that I never liked or respected and now I actually think can be a pretty good choice too. Living and learning and living…

Theresa Farley, in Phoenix AZ

Theresa was one of the most enthusiastic people that I have met during this adventure. She has been following me online since I was still in Florida. She contacted stores, running clubs, and individuals on my behalf and found sponsors and an opportunity to talk to people in Phoenix. She helped me find new friends. She ran with me. She attended the dinner with the hashers. She drove me around the city for many miles. That was a lot!

Her support and participation where very important to make Phoenix another very successful and happy stop in my journey.

Hooters of Phoenix AZ

What a nice evening! Met a record number of hashers at Hooters in Phoenix plus some friends from the running club. Nice talking to you all! I had a great time and it looks like I was not the only one.

Special thanks to Darin for organizing this event for me, inviting everyone, host me, and being so supportive!

Molly Tipton, in El Paso TX

She answered a request to host me in a very short notice. Then she cooked a delicious lasanha big enough to feed eight people and I ate about half of it.

Molly is a hasher, she is a generous soul, and a super-mom all in one.