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Vic Galvez, in El Paso TX

Sometimes when you meet someone you can tell in half a minute that you are going to like that person very much. First time I saw Vic I noticed he looks a lot like Machete and I said that, and he took it with great sense of humor. The nickname kind of stuck to him over the weekend as, really, he looks a lot like Machete.

How many times have you made several great new friends in a single weekend? This visit to El Paso was something surreal to me, and Machete… huh… I mean… Vic, is one of those friends.

Jeff Lindsey, in El Paso TX

Do you see this shirt I am wearing on the picture? Minutes earlier it was Jeff’s shirt but because I said I liked it a lot he took it out and gave it to me! I guess that gives an idea of the kind of person he is.

He is another great leader of the hashers in El Paso, along with Adrian. He ran with me all afternoon with his crazy cool dog. He is another true friend, and I think it was a privilege to have met him!

Adrian Perez, in El Paso TX

Adrian is an unusual kind of guy. More than helpful, more than hospitable, more than friendly. This guy is a great friend.

He helped me so much during this visit to El Paso! Drove me around, hosted me, introduced me to the hashers and made sure that I was well in every way during my visit to El Paso.

I have been meeting some amazing people along the way, and Adrian was outstanding both as a friend and as a host. I will be looking forward to meet him again in the future!

What is hashing about

If you see the hashers running their trails, if you pay attention to their extravagant clothing (or lack of it), if you focus on the large quantities of beer consumed, or even the occasional lewdness and frequent potty mouths, you may actually miss the point.

Hashing is a mixture of athleticism and sociability, hedonism and hard work. But most of all, it is an escape from “normal” life. An opportunity to behave like a child, to vent your frustrations, to behave outside of the norms you are used to and do it all in an environment where you are confident nobody will be judgmental towards you, and all that is said and done can be just blamed on the beer.

I think many people that hash are there to relieve stress. And what a good stress reliever it is! After participating in some of their trails and circles and parties I am very sure I found one of the tribes I can feel part of.

The hashers also have shown a great amount of hospitality similar to what you find among couch surfers. They have been hosting me, assisting in every way imaginable during this challenge, and I have been making lots of great friends this way.

A drinker’s guide to running the world @ CNN

Made it to El Paso TX!

Just as planned, I made it to El Paso, TX. But not as I could possibly plan, the hashers in El Paso gave me a heck of a good time already! We went to Hooters and drank all the beer in the world while I met some of the most fun and cool people ever.

New Orleans!

This was something we had to celebrate! Arriving in New Orleans completed 900.8 miles. That is exactly one third of this journey! So we got together at a restaurant in the French Quarter with friends and new hasher friends and had a blast! Later on we proceeded to crash the end of the Voodoo hash, a really fun event (dis)organized by the local hashers.

New Orleans was a major milestone for me. If I could do this one third of the trip, I feel that I can definitely do it again, and then once more!

Jon Clark, more hashers, more beer

Took this picture with Rebecca, Rick, Eric, and Dixie (Jon Clark). I found Jon Clark on CouchSurfing and from the start he jumped at the opportunity to meet and host me. Before most people would even believe that I was going to do it he was already volunteering to help! Today he did just that: Picked me up from Gulf Breeze, took me to a running club event, bought beer at the after-run party. There I also met several hashers during this visit to Pensacola. More on that soon…

Rich met with me the next day to run more and he gave me a ride back into town.

The next day Jon still drove me all the way to Perdido Key. He was a very generous host, and knowledgeable about fitness and running. It was excellent to talk to him about all that!

Running with hashers to Ft Walton Beach

Started the day running from Seaside, but late in the morning I met with Jamie Knight, a hasher in the area that helped me so much! He ran with me, brought food and drinks, and was fabulous company all the way to the Hooters in Destin.

Still in Miramar Beach the hashers Gary and Jim joined us and from there we ran to the Hooters. These guys were also hilarious, great company, and I would be happy to run with them again.

We spent some time at Hooters, enjoying the beer, the food, and the good company…

SOS, my first hasher friend

This morning my friend SOS and his kids were my running partners in the morning. SOS is very interested in this running challenge and is providing amazing support and sharing his great enthusiasm for it. Thank you!

I was not aware at all of what hashers where and it has been amazing to see what an interesting, fun, and helpful group it can be. Read some more about it here:

Hash House Harriers