Training plan

My initial training began August 25th, as soon as I arrived in Miami, and will last three months.

During the first month the goal is to just run and walk as far and as fast as I can without injuring myself and without turning this into [unnecessary] self-torture. I don’t want to change my attitude. There is a very clear distinction in my mind between pain and suffering. I welcome pain, because pain is the body telling you that it is doing something new, telling you that it is improving and becoming stronger. Suffering is when your mind is freaking out about it. So I push myself, I go further every day, I have a great time doing it every time, and I catch myself laughing and singing very often.

During the second month I will focus even more on distance because I want to reach the 20 mile distance quite often. By the end of the second month of training I want to be able to do it at least a few times, in a combination of easy jogging and fast walking.

During the third month I will not be adding distance, just make it more constant, more smooth, and more predictable. Then during the last two weeks I will make it closer to 30 miles instead of 20 and see how I manage it. I expect to be able to do it well at that point and then at the end of three months I will do 30 miles and then 30 miles the next day. That is the final test that shows I am good to go.