Warm up the mind

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Most often than not by the time I am supposed to start a run I am feeling tired, sleepy, lousy, or still not completely recovered from last day’s run. Some days my legs felt like they were made of marble. Sometimes the whole body was hurting.

Those times I always think about how much better I feel at the end of every run. Because in fact I always feel better at the end of every run than I felt in the beginning, without exception! Knowing that is a great self motivation.

I also know that no matter how hard and heavy my body feels, it takes me about two miles of walking or slow jogging for my body to feel flexible, my joints “lubricated” and my body temperature ideal for the run. So I just plow through the beginning of it searching for that feeling. Of course most would call it a “warm up”, but I like to feel about it not just as a physical routine but more as a ritual of meditation and awakening of both body and mind.